Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am proud to announce that after careful consideration and consultation with friends and family, I have chosen to enter the Special Election for the vacated District 2 seat on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.

The past few months have been a difficult time for District 2 residents. But we now have an opportunity to step out from beneath a cloud of suspicion and exclusion into a new era of transparency and community partnership.

That’s why I have decided to dedicate myself to running for this seat.

Electing public officials we can trust is the cornerstone of a strong democracy. Our leaders must demonstrate qualities of openness and honesty in order to provide us the representation we deserve. I learned that lesson growing up in one of San Jose’s most civically engaged families. While I would be proud to hold the seat that my mother, Blanca Alvarado, held for 14 years, no one should support me because of my family tree. Rather, I ask for your support because my values and actions honor public service.

I have spent my entire professional life in positions of leadership in Santa Clara County’s public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Through that experience, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with community leaders around critical issues and solve complex problems. The challenges of District 2 are many, and I am ready to take them on by listening to the voices in my community and acting with conviction and good judgment.

Like many of you, I am deeply disappointed and saddened by the actions of our former Supervisor. Moving forward, we must heal the trust that has been broken by implementing strong reforms to ensure that type of corruption will never happen again.

Because of the condensed campaign calendar, I have a little less than three months to reach tens of thousands of voters, and I cannot do it without your help. The time could not be more urgent. With my efforts in the district and your support, I know we will win.

Please make a contribution online to support our campaign. (Note: There is a $500 individual limit; $1,000 per couple.)

As your next Supervisor, I will restore the virtues of hard work and integrity to the office, and my only special interest will be the community I serve.

Warmest regards,
Teresa sig