Teresa’s Plan for Violence Prevention in Our Neighborhoods

Teresa has been a lifelong community advocate for the underprivileged in Santa Clara County. As the Chief Executive Officer of the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, she led an organization that provided scholarships to underprivileged youth, providing them with greater opportunities to succeed later in life. She has worked with the public and private sectors to change the lives of youths throughout the county.

As Supervisor, Teresa will use her experiences to reduce violence and increase public safety for our community. Teresa will lead a new countywide approach that will coordinate the efforts of the county, cities, community agencies, and the community and make our neighborhoods safer.

Mobilize the community

Convene a countywide violence prevention summit to develop a community-based plan.
As Supervisor, Teresa will bring together top leaders and experts in the nonprofit sector, government, philanthropy, academia and the community for a countywide Crime and Violence Prevention Summit to explore a community-based approach to develop solutions to improve public safety in Santa Clara County communities.

Improve regional coordination.
Teresa will work with city and county agencies and other stakeholders to improve inter-agency coordination to enhance existing violence prevention efforts.

Reach out to at-risk youth.
Teresa will work with community agencies to increase the number of outreach workers to help at-risk youth change their behavior and risky activities.

Raise public awareness.
Teresa will work with the county Public Health Department and other stakeholders to implement an aggressive public education and social marketing campaign to raise public awareness and to inform the community on effective ways to prevent and reduce violence.

Expand Access to Jobs

Reduce recidivism by providing prisoner re-entry with support.
Teresa will ensure that formerly incarcerated people have access to job training, social services, and employment opportunities to facilitate their successful reintegration.

Create economic opportunities for at-risk youth.
Teresa will work with community agencies to provide practical skills through job training programs and will work with the private sector to increase access to employment opportunities.

Create Safe Neighborhoods

Improve physical appearance of neighborhoods.
Teresa will work with community agencies and local artists to improve the physical appearance of neighborhoods by removing graffiti and blight.

Install more street lighting.
Teresa will work with law enforcement, community, and business leaders to improve street lighting in an effort to deter crime.

Decrease density of alcohol retailers.
Teresa will work to support efforts to decrease the density of retail outlets that sell alcohol.

Implement stricter controls over medical marijuana.
Teresa believes that medicinal marijuana distribution should be under the purview of public health professionals. Teresa will also fight to prevent medicinal marijuana shops from opening within 1,000 feet or more from schools, recreation facilities and other buildings housing youth services.

Protect Women and Children from Abuse

Improve monitoring for domestic violence abusers.
Teresa will work with law enforcement, community, and business leaders to identify and monitor domestic violence abusers.

Improve protection for children.
Teresa believes that no child should be abused in Santa Clara County. She will work with county departments to develop a plan to protect our children from being victims of abuse.

Promote Positive Child and Youth Development

Promote developmentally appropriate curriculum in schools.
Teresa believes that developmentally appropriate curriculum aimed at improving social-emotional development, and conflict resolution skills should be adopted in all child care, preschools and schools in Santa Clara County.

Increase mental health services to trauma-impacted children.
Teresa will work to ensure that mental health services are available to any child or youth that has experienced trauma as a result of witnessing or observing violence.

Work with school districts to prevent bullying.
Teresa believes that schools must be a safe environment for our children. Teresa will work with school districts to establish and enforce school rules and policies to prevent bullying.

Make Gang Prevention a Priority for the County

Designate a “Gang Czar.”
Teresa will designate a person to act as the “gang czar” for the county to coordinate and oversee countywide efforts and to work closely with other jurisdictions. The czar will report on programs and initiatives which support this effort and develop measurements of success to provide periodic evaluations of this effort.