Susan Hammer
Susan Hammer, Former Mayor of San José
It is not often that somebody comes along to run for public office who has the experience that Teresa does in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. Teresa represents the best of the next generation – people who care about our community and understand smart growth.
Darcie Green, Santa Clara County Board of Education and Democratic Central Committee
I’m supporting Teresa because she is a life-long Democrat who shares our values of social justice, equality and integrity. Teresa is collaborative leader who always puts our community first. I know Teresa will champion the rights of working people and keep our neighborhoods safe and healthy for our children.

Joe Coto, Former State Assemblyman & East Side Union High School District Superintendent
Teresa will be a responsive, competent, efficient and honest Supervisor. She will strive to ensure that county government serves residents in an efficient, cost-effective and compassionate manner.

TA FiscaliniFrank Fiscalini, Former Vice Mayor of San José & East Side Union High School District Superintendent
Like many in our community, I am deeply disturbed by the actions that led to the resignation of former County Supervisor George Shirakawa. That’s why I co-founded the Santa Clara County Committee for Good Government, a group of community leaders who share my concern for accountability in our elected officials. We have endorsed Teresa Alvarado in the special election to replace Mr. Shirakawa because we believe she is the best candidate to restore public trust. Her reform agenda will bring sunshine to county government and help repair the damage done by those who put themselves before the people.

Omar Teutle, Vice President, Veterans Student Organization, San José State University
As a veteran of three combat tours, I have seen first-hand the horrors and devastation war brings upon nations and their people. I have directly participated in the process of nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan. Accountability, trustworthiness, transparency, and honesty are the key ingredients necessary for a government to fully function. Not only does Teresa possess these qualities, she will restore respect and integrity to District 2 and will work hard and tirelessly for all of her constituents. She will re-establish honor and pride upon the office of County Supervisor.

Bassam Kassab, Executive Director, Zarco Films
Teresa is a fair leader who values diversity in all its forms. She will excel as a county supervisor because she does not owe her seat to special interest groups. She will represent District 2 very well and she will listen to the people before casting her vote as she makes her mind on every issue at hand.

Madison Nguyen, Vice Mayor of San José
Santa Clara County has a legacy of inspirational reform minded female leaders, and Teresa represents the next generation of that legacy. Her lifetime of leadership in San José’s public, private, and nonprofit sectors gives her a unique perspective that will help to change the tone of county government and make it more responsive to the people it serves. I believe Teresa will be the honest, ethical, and dedicated supervisor our district desperately needs.

David Casas, Lifelong Democrat & Former Mayor of Los Altos
We need an honest, independent voice representing the people. That’s why I’m supporting Teresa Alvarado. Teresa is not a career politician. She is not beholden to the special interests that plague our politics. She is an innovation Democrat with the fresh perspective the County needs to increase transparency and improve service delivery.

Janet Gray
Janet Gray Hayes, Former Mayor of San José
Teresa is one of the strongest women I’ve ever met. She has a long track record of leading on important social issues such as children’s health care and early education. She’s helped to empower women through her community work.


Herman Gallegos, Co-Founder, National Council of La Raza & Former President, National Community Service Organization
I know Teresa to be a qualified, compassionate, and experienced leader. She will always put the community, not special interests, first. She will be an honest and ethical advocate for the poor — just like her parents were — and make sure that the County provides quality essential safety net services.

Omar Torres, Executive Director, Santa Maria Urban Ministry, and Democratic Central Committee
I am supporting Teresa because she will bring accountability and transparency to this board. We need a representative who will represent all of our District 2 communities with the utmost integrity.

TA RWB paradeMaj. Joseph LaJeunesse (U.S. Army Reserve), Former District 2 Candidate and Santa Clara County Deputy Sherriff
We need a Supervisor with integrity who can bring people together and make fair, informed, and sometimes very difficult choices on behalf of the public. Through this campaign, I have come to know Teresa as a sincere and strong leader who can rise above the current polarizing debate around public safety in our community.

Chuck Reed, Mayor of San José
Teresa’s experience as a fiscal audit manager at the Santa Clara Valley Water District will help her restore accountability to county government. Her reform agenda will greatly advance transparency at the county. Her broad base of support and deep roots in the community make her the best candidate to restore trust and effectively serve the residents of District 2 and the county.

Eleanor Villarreal, Realtor and Community Activist
Teresa is the best choice for District 2 Santa Clara County Supervisor because she is a fresh face with no political baggage, has high ethical standards regarding transparency and has a stellar community relations background.

Don Gage, Mayor of Gilroy, Former Santa Clara Valley Water District Director & County Supervisor
When I served as a Director of the Santa Clara Valley Water District, Teresa was a key part of the effort to change the culture of that agency. Working together with the new CEO, we successfully promoted greater transparency and efficiency. Teresa will bring the same type of reform to county government, and that, more than anything, is what we need now.

Aaron Resendez, Story Road Business Association
The ultimate measure of a leader is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand at times of challenge and controversy. That is why I support Teresa for County Supervisor!

Chuck Page, Councilmember and Former Mayor of Saratoga
Teresa’s business experience, open-mindedness, and moral values will make an excellent base for her decisions as a County Supervisor.

Blanca Alvarado, Former San José City Councilmember and Santa Clara County Supervisor
For 28 years I had the great privilege of representing the wonderful people of San José and Santa Clara County. I now have the distinct honor of recommending Teresa Alvarado to be our new Supervisor. She is a compassionate, honest, hardworking, and smart leader. She will be a wonderful County Supervisor. I’m so very proud of my daughter.